Ziiiro Gravity

$145.00 Released January, 2011

Product Shot 1The Ziiiro Gravity is a minimalist wrist watch which, along with the Ziiiro Mercury, displays the time in an entirely original way. Instead of hour, minute, and second hands or a digital numerical display, the watches' face features two concentric, rotating rings which indicate the hour and minute.

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The inner, thicker ring signals the hour, and the outer, thinner ring the minute, according to the standard positioning of numbers around a watch or clock face. In the bottom row of the image to the right, for example, the watch faces are indicating a time of approximately 2:25. The Ziiiro Gravity is available in six color schemes, which consist in different combinations of ring and silicone-metal wrist band colors. The higher-end Mercury only comes in four but features a stainless-steel wrist band. The Gravity's pop-out face and interchangeable colored rings allows buyers to experiment with multiple color configurations.


  • Time displayed via two concentric, continuously rotating rings
  • Inner ring: hour
  • Outer ring: minute
  • Silicone-metal wrist band
  • Pop-out face
  • Swappable rings
  • Six color schemes
  • 30m water resistance

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