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Mackage Coat

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Very stylish. Shows off your nice figure. Can be sometimes found for quite a bargain.

The Cons:Expensive. Requires a nice figure.

Mackage coats are Canadian made and very stylish. Unique accents like a wide leather belt and big buttons (as seen in this image) give them that extra flare. Check them all out at www.mackage.com!

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    very stylish

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    shows off your nice figure

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    can be sometimes found for quite a bargain

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    requires a nice figure

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Anonymous: #mackage_coat If you're proud Canadian, sometimes Aritzia has good sales and you might find them for under $400. But thats a SOMETIMES. Usually the beginning of the year. You can also check at Holt Renfrew, but chances are the prices are 10-20% higher.
I recommend checking at Roots, Aritzia, Holts, Harry Rosen (If you're a guy obvs) The Bay, Sportcheck, and Club Monaca. Good luck! Jan 23, 14
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theanticonsumer: #mackage_coat Sometimes you can get very, very lucky and score one at TJ Maxx for $250. May 22, 08
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  • Anonymous

    Anonymous: I also found one there today for $190. wasn't sure if I should buy it but ended up buying it. Dec 13, 10

  • Amanie

    Amanie: That's the great thing about Canadian brands selling in the US. You can get great deals because they're not as popular. I don't think you'd ever find a Mackage coat at our TJ Maxx equivalent (Winners). Dec 13, 10

manhattanite: #mackage_coat

Check out www.ShopManhattanite.com for Mackage coats! Even if you don't see the style you want on the site, we can special order what you want! Plus, we offer Free Shipping on all orders over $100. Join the mailing list for exclusive promotions! : )

Mar 3, 08
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Amanie: #mackage_coat Mackage coats can be pretty expensive. They typically run in the $500 - $800 range (although sometimes much less when on sale). You can buy them at Searle and revolveclothing. Mar 8, 07
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khalyana: #mackage_coat where do you buy them Mar 8, 07
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