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Dosh Polymer Wallet

$41.00 Released August, 2007

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Safe storage of magnetic cards. Water resistant. Flexible.

The Cons:Extremely over priced. Not a closed design so things can still get wet even if wallet stays intact.

The Dosh wallet is made entirely from plastic. It consists of a blend between flexible and semi-flexible thermoplastic polyurethane to create a wallet that is water resistant and durable. It's reminiscent of the Jimi Wallet, which also features a water resistant design.

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Product Shot 2 Whereas the Jimi wallet abandoned the bi-fold design, the Dosh wallet embraced it to incorporate specific compartments for different things. There is a special section for magnetic cards like credit cards, security cards and your driver's license. It also has compartments for more modern conveniences like sim cards, keys and business cards. Dimensions: length - 120mm x height - 98mm x depth - 13.5mm.

The Dosh wallet is made in Australia by 2 top notch designers, Henri Spaile and Mark Armstrong. They are the head Directors behind BlueSky Design Group and have now committed themselves to designing their own products versus products for large manufacturers like Philips, Sunbeam and Electrolux. They are most famous for their design of the Olympic Torch that was used in the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

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    safe storage of magnetic cards

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    water resistant

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    Good selection of compartments

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    Extremely over priced.

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    not a closed design so things can still get wet even if wallet stays intact

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Erik: #dosh_polymer_wallet I like the leather wallet, but this looks pretty stylish. However, I don't plan on running my wallet under water anytime soon. Aug 17, 07
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